The Birth of Thei95guys.com

“We have never worried about numbers. In the marketplace, Apple is trying to focus the spotlight on products, because products really make a difference… You can’t con people in this business. The products speak for themselves.” – Steve Jobs

thei95guysHe succeeded. Since its launch, Steve Jobs created a new generation of techie people – the generation. People who can’t live without an Apple product – iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, and a whole lot more. Being an iGeneration myself, I can’t blame those who fell in love with Apple products. As what the Apple fanatics say, once you own a Mac you will instantly become a fan. Their products were strategically created with the users in mind. Every possible problem thought of, made everything easy for the consumers without sacrificing quality and top materials. Every penny is worth the investment.

If you still don’t own any Apple product, then stay tune in this blog in the next coming weeks. For sure there will be a post here to convince you to make that very first purchase.

Top 5 Free Sports Streaming Websites

The free sports streaming websites are common in the internet nowadays.It is becoming more and more popular because it is free! There are numerous sports streaming websites that are competing for attention and followings from millions of sports fans out there.

What are Top 5 Free Sports Streaming Websites on the internet?

1. First Row Sports

sport streaming websites

The First Row Sports website has been providing live sports streaming to millions of sports fans for a number of years now. It has so many followings and from all indications, First Row Sports is now considered as the most popular live sports streaming websites today.

The major sports being watched in First Row Sports are American football, football, rugby, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, boxing, Motorsports, baseball, handball and other sports.

All the featured major sporting events in this live streaming are all reliable since it has regular streaming schedules and live scores. All the major sports events in First Row Sports are all for free.

2. WatchESPN (ESPN360 or ESPN3)

All the major sporting events in WatchESPN are reliable. It features basketball, football, baseball, boxing, rugby, and other major sporting events.

All the live streaming on Watch ESPN is for free. The reliability of this website is known due the long established reputation of ESPN Cable Channel that caters to major sporting events for quite a long time. WatchESPN is brought to the public by ESPN Inc. as a television website in the internet.

3. SportLemon.tv

sport streaming websites

SportLemon.tv is deemed to be the largest and the most highly dependable sports streaming websites in the internet. Most of the major sporting events are featured in this website such as football, hockey, tennis, basketball, golf, cycling, Motorsports, and other sports.

The video streaming sites on SportLemon.tv are for free. You can see all the live streaming sports events schedules in advance since all the schedules are posted on the websites regularly with scheduled updates every now and then.

4. Stream2Watch.me

This is another huge live sport streaming websites. All the major live stream sports are available such as baseball, football, boxing, snooker, hockey, football, cricket, handball.

All of featured sports are reliable and consistent. You can watch all the major sporting events for free.

It has also multi links from other TV channel that also features an entertainment segment from the other TV Channels like ABC, CNN, BBC and other major channels.

5. Wiziwig.tv

sport streaming websites

Wiziwig.tv is a video streaming or sports streaming site that offers to the viewing public the major sporting events coverage. All these major sports events are reliable. You can watch American football, baseball, basketball, cricket, cycling, football, ice hockey, rugby, tennis, squash, snooker, volleyball and other kind of sports. All of these live sports streaming are free. Aside from Live Sports, Wiziwig.tv also features Live Television and Live Radio. Enjoying sports streaming

Enjoying and finding sports streaming websites or video streaming sites that are reliable and free is easy. You don’t need to look further. Just check out these 5 free sports streaming websites and enjoy!

5 Exciting Sex Games for Couples Who Are Stuck In the Rot

Sex is wonderful. You can’t get enough of it. Until your relationship reaches a plateau and all the spice in the bedroom evaporates. If you’re wishing to turn back the clock, and get back the sexual verve you both had in your prime, then this article is for you. We’re featuring 5 sex games for couples who are looking to spice up their sex life. These games are kinky but at the same time lots of fun. They may be the spice you’re looking forward to fire up your sex life.

Strip One Card Draw

It takes a long time for a hand of poker to finish. The Strip One Card Draw is the naughty game for couples who can’t delay gratification (or don’t know how to play poker). What you do is each of you draws a card and whoever has the higher card wins the round. The loser, of course takes off a piece of clothing. You can play for sexual favors once one (or both) of you is naked.

The Time Bomb

This game is a true test of will and determination – two attributes not readily associated with sex. In the Time Bomb, you set a time limit (say 10 minutes) where you can do anything and everything to your partner except penetration. Both of you will go wild in anticipation. And once the timer’s up? We’ll leave that part to your active imagination.

sex games for couples

Sexy Dice

These novelty dice are not your ordinary dice. The sides of one are printed with body parts like lips, boobs, thighs, neck. The other die is printed with commands like lick, suck, kiss, etc. You roll both dies and you just have to basically carry out what they tell you to your partner.

Body Shots

Most people are familiar with Tequila body shots. You can take this concept and make a game of it in the bedroom. Instead of using just Tequila, you can use other food and beverage items such as whipped cream, peanut butter, jelly, chocolate syrup and champagne (anything edible is fair game). Take turns licking stuff from various parts of your body. You not only get great foreplay with this game, but you also just might get full as well.

The Touch Game

You need to blindfold your partner for this game. Once blindfolded, you will touch a part of your body on to your partner. Your partner will have to guess which part of your body touched him. A sexual prize awaits your partner for every correct answer, and a punishment waits for every wrong one.

These five games will surely light up anyone’s sex life. Remember that each partner should be open to these games for them to be successful. And it’s just a matter of horniness and creativity to create the ultimate fun sex games for couples you can try.

Your Turn

Which sex games for couples featured here do you like best? We would certainly love to hear from you.

Top 5 Most Trusted Sports Car Brands (Nothing to do with Cost)

There are many manufacturers of sports cars of different levels of popularity and general acceptance.  And then there are those brands that are popularly known as sports cars.  Here is a list of the five most trusted sports car brands:


sports car brands

Ferrari is one car company that makes only sports and racing machines, nothing else.  Ferrari is also the most popular sports car brand of all.

The company was started by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 to manufacture race cars and sponsor race car drivers.  Its success in Formula 1 races, lead to its transformation, beginning just after the second world war, to a company that also manufactures high-end street legal cars for the very rich. Ferrari only sold the early Ferrari cars to fund the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, but when Fiat invested into the company in 1969 Ferrari started building and selling street-legal sports cars in earnest.  Today Ferrari sports cars carry more than just a brand; their cars are status symbols that evoke speed, luxury and wealth.


sports car brands

The Porsche brand makes some of the best sports cars in the world, and is generally considered the German equivalent of the Italian Ferrari brand of sports cars.  The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 for designing and building cars including the Volkswagen (literally translated as ‘people’s car’), and even military equipment.

The first Porsche branded car was the model 356 first manufactured in 1947 which had an air cooled engine mounted at the rear.  But the most successful Porsche model is the 911, which was introduced in 1964.  The 911 began to dominate races, and sold like hotcakes due to its good looks.  The 911 was followed by other 9XX series models most of which met with success on the track as well as in showrooms. In time, the Porsche brand became associated more with high quality sports cars that represented the best in German engineering technology, and that won races.


sports car brands

BMW sports cars produced under the BMW M series are also highly regarded.  Although BMW became known initially as a manufacturer of shaft drive motorcycles, the reliability and performance of its cars soon earned the trust of the motoring public.  And just like other car manufacturers, its success in the track caused a demand for sports cars that eventually lead to the creation of a BMW AG subsidiary named BMW M GmbH, dedicated to the manufacture of sports cars.  The M stands for M-Technik or just “M” (for Motorsport).

The M series of cars began with the M1, first shown to the public in 1978.  This first release was followed by releases of the sport or the M versions of regular BMW cars, and now the M series is up to M6.  BMW sports cars continue to enjoy a solid reputation for blazing speed, superior handling, aesthetics and reliability.

Mercedes Benz-AMG

sports car brands

Not to be outdone by rivals BMW, Mercedes has its own sports division called Mercedes-AMG.  Though the brand is more closely associated with refined cars and limousines, the products of its AMG spin-off are no slouches.  The styling is a lot louder than other Mercedes Benz models, engine displacement is much higher, handling is improved and in most models weight reduction achieved with the use of carbon fiber.  It is typical of AMG cars to be fitted with V-12 engines having in excess of 500 HP.

Mercedes Benz-AMG sports cars benefit as much from the reliability and luxury associated with its parent company as it does with the high performance specifications.

Aston Martin

sports car brands

The Aston Martin brand was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913, and had its first car by 1915.  Two world wars and a host of ownership changes interrupted production, and despite the high quality of their cars, Aston Martin only became popular beginning in 1964 when it became associated with James Bond films.  In nine Bond films from Goldfinger to Skyfall in 2012, various models of Aston Martin sports cars were the official cars of the lead character.  Aston Martin has only been producing a few hundred cars per year, almost ensuring that each unit will become a collector’s item.

Which of the 5 sports car brands do you like best?

Best AWD Sports Car For Winter

Sports cars and winter don’t generally go well together. But add up AWD sports cars into the mix and winter just became a wonderland for speed junkies. AWD or All Wheel Drive cars are the answer to the treacherous drive brought about by sleet and snow. AWD harnesses the power of all wheels to give the driver that extra grip when negotiating slippery turns on the winter pavement. Below is a list of the AWD sports cars that have all wheel drive capabilities:

Audi RS5

Audi RS5

A veteran of rally races, this quattro AWD has an incredible 450 horespower V8 engine. This baby might just plow through the snow with its speed and power.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4s

Porsche 911 Carrera 4s

A Porsche is every classy sports car enthusiasts’ dream car. And the all wheel drive 911 is now ready to speed through snowy terrain. This car has heated seats and heated steering wheels to give the driver a toasty time while speeding past icy highways.

Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF

This hatchback sports car is the perfect winter speed demon. It boasts of an incredible 651 horsepower V12 engine. This car is slightly better than its F1 cousin because it performs well in winter conditions.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

You get a choice of either the W12 or the more economical V8 engine. But it’s all the same because this all wheel drive vehicle screams of luxury and class.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

This Subaru’s all wheel drive technology comes from its rally car counterpart. This car is certainly a no-frills vehicle built to give you speed and reliability.

Jaguar XJ AWD

Jaguar XJ AWD

These Jags now come in all wheel drive modes (where previous version only came with rear wheel drive). These beautiful babies have an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox attached to a 6 cylinder super engine.

BMW 335i xDrive

BMW 335i xDrive

This beamer is a remarkable machine of efficiency and speed. It has a commanding 300 horsepower engine that can give drivers great speed and handling in snowy weather.

Infiniti G37x Coupe

Infiniti G37x Coupe

A practical sports all wheel drive vehicle that comes with 6 speed manual or 7 speed automatic transmission. The Infiniti’s engine is a powerful 330 horsepower variety.

Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design

Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design

This car is another classic Volvo vehicle. It has a 325 horsepower engine. And with Volvo recognized for their safety, the S60 is a hallmark of safety with emergency auto braking and superior body structure.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

The GT-R has the most complex all wheel drive system that incorporates torque and grip into handling prowess. It doesn’t cost as much as the other luxury vehicles we’ve featured and it glides elegantly in snow.

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Has a 318 horsepower V6 engine that powers this all wheel drive sports car. Check out the angles and edges of this baby and you’ll know you’re driving a winner.

Invest in the right vehicle and choose only the best AWD cars. With the best AWD sports cars mentioned above, we hope you will get an idea of what is the best winter vehicle that’s out there.

10 Challengers To The Wipeout Game Online

wipeout game online

Wipeout is a nifty little surfing online game that allows the user to assume the persona of a real surfer opt for a multiplayer game with Ed, Edd and Eddy.  This adventure game is for those interested in surfing whether as active surfers or those who are merely fascinated by surfing but do not have the skills.  It may be a popular online game but because the game is only played in one virtually unchanging venue, namely the ocean, the challenges it presents to the players are a bit limited.  However if you like this game and are looking for a bit of variety, there are other similar games available online.  The following list presents ten games out to challenge the popularity of the Wipeout game online.

1.       Fancy Pants Adventure

 This is an animated flash game that somehow reminds us of the Super Mario game introduced by Nintendo many years back, albeit with more levels and better animation.  It takes its name from the stick figure wearing fancy pants which the player controls.

2.      Robot Unicorn Attack

Combine mythology and modern technology into an adventure game and you get to play a robotic mythical creature.  At the end of a successful adventure you are treated to a congratulatory message which simply states “your dream came true.”

3.     Haunt the House

As a twist on the usual haunted house games where you play characters trying to evade ghosts, this game has you controlling the ghosts to scare people out of the house.  Powers are magnified as you get proficient in scaring people off.

4.     Rocket Toilet 2

wipeout game online

Enjoy a twisted adventure by travelling on a rocket propelled toilet through different eras.  Even if it is hard to imagine the scenario in real life, the game settings are interesting and the challenges amusing.

5.     The Epic Battle Fantasy Series

Play the hero to rid the world of more than a hundred types of monsters using different types of equipment.  The variety of foes and types of equipment will take some getting used to, but makes the game even more interesting.

6.      Sonny

You’re used to seeing movies and games where people are hunted by hordes of zombies.  In this interesting game, the player assumes the persona of a zombie fighting for his life.

7.     Doctor Who

Help the doctor save the universe by finding the origin of strange objects that litter different eras, and learning how the magic they contain can change history.  This definitely has a whole lot more complications than the Wipeout game online.

8.     Dino Storm

wipeout game online

This is a cowboys and dinosaur game that provides challenges sure to get the player’s imagination soaring and heart racing.

9.     Critter Forge

Similar to the Pokemon game, this one allows you to breed and raise different types of monsters having a variety of powers, with the aim of getting them to battle each other in a combat.

10.   Metal Slug Flash

If you like playing soldier/commando games, then  this game is for you.  You get to play a soldier who infiltrates enemy territory, engages them and rescue prisoners, while avoiding getting killed.

The above represent just a small portion of available games similar to Wipeout game online.  If we can easily find ten of them, there must be hundreds more out there.  Nothing is stopping you from widening your online gaming horizon, but your willingness to try something new.  What are you waiting for?