5 Exciting Sex Games for Couples Who Are Stuck In the Rot

Sex is wonderful. You can’t get enough of it. Until your relationship reaches a plateau and all the spice in the bedroom evaporates. If you’re wishing to turn back the clock, and get back the sexual verve you both had in your prime, then this article is for you. We’re featuring 5 sex games for couples who are looking to spice up their sex life. These games are kinky but at the same time lots of fun. They may be the spice you’re looking forward to fire up your sex life.

Strip One Card Draw

It takes a long time for a hand of poker to finish. The Strip One Card Draw is the naughty game for couples who can’t delay gratification (or don’t know how to play poker). What you do is each of you draws a card and whoever has the higher card wins the round. The loser, of course takes off a piece of clothing. You can play for sexual favors once one (or both) of you is naked.

The Time Bomb

This game is a true test of will and determination – two attributes not readily associated with sex. In the Time Bomb, you set a time limit (say 10 minutes) where you can do anything and everything to your partner except penetration. Both of you will go wild in anticipation. And once the timer’s up? We’ll leave that part to your active imagination.

sex games for couples

Sexy Dice

These novelty dice are not your ordinary dice. The sides of one are printed with body parts like lips, boobs, thighs, neck. The other die is printed with commands like lick, suck, kiss, etc. You roll both dies and you just have to basically carry out what they tell you to your partner.

Body Shots

Most people are familiar with Tequila body shots. You can take this concept and make a game of it in the bedroom. Instead of using just Tequila, you can use other food and beverage items such as whipped cream, peanut butter, jelly, chocolate syrup and champagne (anything edible is fair game). Take turns licking stuff from various parts of your body. You not only get great foreplay with this game, but you also just might get full as well.

The Touch Game

You need to blindfold your partner for this game. Once blindfolded, you will touch a part of your body on to your partner. Your partner will have to guess which part of your body touched him. A sexual prize awaits your partner for every correct answer, and a punishment waits for every wrong one.

These five games will surely light up anyone’s sex life. Remember that each partner should be open to these games for them to be successful. And it’s just a matter of horniness and creativity to create the ultimate fun sex games for couples you can try.

Your Turn

Which sex games for couples featured here do you like best? We would certainly love to hear from you.